Fund-a-Classroom Project Requests

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The Student Excellence Foundation, with the support of the Wheaton-Warrenville PTA Council, offers the Fund-a-Classroom (crowdfunding) program to enhance education in more classrooms and Library Learning Centers (LLCs) in District 200.

Deadline to submit new project requests (online below) is Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

This chart outlines how the Fund-a-Classroom project requests differ from our Student Excellence Grant program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Any District 200 school staff member who works directly with students (teacher, LLC Director, counselor, social worker, principal, etc.) is eligible to submit a Fund-a-Classroom request.

What kind of materials can I ask for?

Educators may propose any resource that is needed to benefit students in their classroom or Library Learning Center (LLC).

Is there a monetary limit on my request?

Proposals can range from $250-$1,500. The higher the price tag, the more compelling a proposal should be. The lower the price tag, the more likely a proposal will be funded.

* You may submit a request that falls outside of the $250-$1,500 range, but you will need the ability to raise more funds. 

Are there any restrictions on what I can ask for on my proposal?

  • Teacher stipends or salaries
  • Expenses that are within normal school operating budgets

What is the best way to write a proposal?

Educators should focus the proposal on the student activity to take place rather than the materials needed. For example, an educator proposing to get a new set of classroom materials should not focus on the the present items being absent or in disrepair. The proposal should focus first on the student activity that new classroom materials would make possible. The resources alone have little educational  worth – it’s how the students will use them.

What happens to my Fund-a-Classroom proposal after it is submitted?

All project proposals are reviewed by the educator’s Principal* following the application deadline. Once the project is approved by the Principal, the Foundation will set it up on our crowdfunding website which enables anyone to donate to the project.  The educator will receive tools/tips to help market their proposals and ask their network of classroom parents, relatives, friends, etc. to fund their project.

* If the project is submitted by a principal, it will be sent to the District for approval.

How long will it take for my proposal to be funded?

Project funding deadlines will be set at one year after Principal approval, unless otherwise noted that you need materials earlier (field trip, seminar, etc.).

Some proposals could be funded within a day or two of being posted, while others could wait several months before being funded. Educators can view their proposals to check on the progress of funding. The educator will be notified and the funds will be released when the project is 100% funded.

If the project reaches the funding deadline of one year after Principal approval but is only partially funded, the educator will be offered the options of 1) extending the deadline, using the funds for classroom use for a goal compatible with the original project, or 2) re-allocating the funds for use by the Student Excellence Foundation for grants and other programs.

How is submitting a Fund-a-Classroom request with the Foundation different than starting your own project on Donors Choose, Adopt-a-Classroom, or another crowdfunding platform?

The Student Excellence Foundation manages all Fund-a-Classroom requests from District 200 educators and has them centrally located on our website. We’ll promote this as an option for funding to community members and other potential donors.  We’ll also work to secure matching gifts to help you reach your funding goal. However, as with most crowdfunding campaigns, the success of your campaign relies heavily on your “personal ask” and the connections between you and your network of friends, classroom parents, relatives and social media networks.

Submit a Fund-a-Classroom Project Request on the Google Form below.
In addition, please download this budget template and email a completed copy

If you have any problems submitting the form, or any other questions about the Fund A Classroom program, please contact

Deadline to submit new project requests online below is Tuesday, January 23, 2018.