Corporate Appeal

We invite you to join other local business leaders in supporting innovative educational programs for the over 13,000 students of District 200 by becoming a Corporate Sponsor of the Student Excellence Foundation, formerly NEW 200 Education Foundation.  The Foundation supports School District 200, which includes Wheaton, Warrenville and some areas of Winfield, Lisle and Carol Stream. We have set a goal of $75,000 for this coming year to support new educational initiatives. As an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization with low overhead 87% of your donation goes directly to the students.

Your Donation Can Enrich Education:
Your support will help prepare students for success in a 21st century global work place.  The visibility and brand recognition your company receives among our 10,000 school families will demonstrate your commitment to education and the success of
our students.  Please take a minute to review our Corporate Packet.

To give you a better understanding of how your donation can help, here is a snapshot of some of the items the Foundation awarded last year.

$250 - One (1) iPad mini/Chromebook to use with special education, reading programs, math practice, robotics programming, etc. The possibilities are endless!
$500 - Set of books for “After School Reading Class” that allows students to research new cultures and prepare group presentations.
$1,000 - Summer "Math Bags" that include flashcards, manipulatives, & activities to help at-risk K-4 students and prevent the “summer slide”.
$1,500 - Flexible, alternative furniture (stand-up desks, stability ball seating, cushions, lap desks, etc.) that creates an environment that maximizes student learning for those who cannot focus under standard conditions.
$2,500 - Professional development course; teacher will train other teachers upon completion.
$5,000 - Updated Library components that foster a 21st century learning environment that promotes creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.  Examples of items funded include: engineering cubes, green screen technology and flexible seating furniture.
$10,000 - Funds approximately six (6) Student Excellence Grants that foster innovation in the classroom.

You can also sponsor one of our upcoming events.

We still face challenges:
District 200 continues to provide high quality education for its students despite dwindling State funding and capped local tax revenue.  Consequently, there are limited discretionary funds to support innovative projects outside the standard curriculum. 

  • Illinois ranks last in the nation in percentage of education funding that comes from the state.
  • Wheaton-Warrenville District 200 has a low-income student rate of 30% compared to an average among benchmark districts of 19.2%.
  • The Foundation was unable to award 21 grants to educators this past spring due to lack of funds.

An exciting past year:
With the help of our donors and volunteers, we contributed $64,000 in new programs and materials for District 200 students during the past school year. That is three times more than last year! We are excited to share some success stories that highlight how your donation will enrich education for students. 

Your gift will make a difference! The number of educators and students impacted is directly contingent on your participation. We would greatly appreciate your support. If you have any questions, please contact Kristin Chmiel, Development Chair at

Thank you in advance for your support of our children’s education!

The Student Excellence Foundation Board of Directors
Andy Johnson, President                           
Bob Hupp, Secretary
Mark Bridge, Treasurer        
Geremy Cepin
Kristin Chmiel                                      
Robb Christenson
Steve Johnson 
Don Longacre                                            
Jennifer Merck
Cathy Mousseau                                         
Pamela Paulsen