Annual Appeal

Year-end Appeal

Dear Friend,

This is an exciting time to be a student in District 200!
Education is changing – gone are the days of sitting and memorizing facts. Today’s student-centered classrooms are flexible, project-based environments where students create and interact with information, not simply read about it.

District 200 has maintained a high quality of education despite dwindling state funding and capped local tax revenue. However, the need for your support has increased in recent years as schools transition towards this new way of learning.

You can help transform the learning environment for our students!
Please consider donating
 to help enrich the education of District 200 students.

Mrs. Collins, Library Learning Center (LLC) Director, at Pleasant Hill Elementary School, was one of our 40 grant recipients last year. She received materials to create a new Collaboration Space in the LLC that will encourage teamwork, exploration and discussion.

This project is truly inspiring because it represents a collaborative, community effort.

  • Mrs. Collins consulted with area schools before selecting materials for the LLC.
  • The project was funded by donor contributions to the Student Excellence Foundation and Pleasant Hill PTA.
  • Educators and students across all grade levels frequently use the space for group work and learning that may not work as well in a classroom setting where space is limited and traditional furniture is incompatible for group projects.

Because of you, students received: 8 small group tables, 10 table-top easels, and multiple electronic products, including iPads and a smart TV.


Collaboration Space
Students work their way through five stations to learn about the senses.


Ms. Cortopassi's kindergartners were excited to use the new Collaboration Space for a unit on the five human senses. The students rotated through stations at the small group tables. At one station, they smelled soap, mint, lotion, and moss. They completed sentences like, “Soap smells like flowers,” while parent volunteers collected vocabulary words on table-top easels.


The round tables in the Collaboration Space encouraged group discussions and team-building skills.

The students also created an animated video using one of the iPad minis, during which, one exclaimed, “The bell sounds like gling, gling, gling!”

The video summarized the lesson plan and demonstrated how much information students retained.

This story from Pleasant Hill is a true testament to how we can come together as a community and support students in our schools.


Sense Station


You can help create more opportunities like this. Please consider donating to help enhance the education of more students in District 200.

Grants, like the one highlighted above, begin at $500 and average $1,200. Your gift matters. Last year, 21 educators were denied grants due to lack of funding.

As an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization, over 87% of your donation will go to the students.

Thank you for your continued support and I wish you and your family a happy holiday!

With great appreciation,

Andy Johnson,