Fund-A-Classroom:  Support a Campaign of Your Choice!

Fund-A-Classroom is our crowdfunding option, where educators post their project campaigns online at our FoundationGive platform.  You can search online by teacher, school, or subject area.  Donate a modest amount, fund the entire project, or anything in between.  You can also support more than one project.

See Our Fund-A-Classroom Campaigns here: FoundationGIVE

Two Options to Donate:

Online:  View/search our campaigns on FoundationGive.  Find the campaign(s) you want to support, then click “Donate” to pay by credit card.  5.9% of your online donation goes to FoundationGive credit card and transaction fees.

By check: View/search our campaigns on FoundationGive.  Find the campaign(s) you want to support, but instead of clicking “Donate”, make a note of the campaign(s) and how much you want to give to each.  Then mail a check, with a written list of the campaign(s) and amount(s) to:

Student Excellence Foundation
P.O. Box 253
Wheaton, IL 60187

There are no credit card or transaction fees for “Offline Donations” made by check.  If you want to complete a campaign’s funding by check, please email us at BEFORE you send a check.  We’ll calculate the amount needed to complete the campaign(s) and notify you of that amount.

How We Handle Your Donations:

Sometimes projects are only partially funded, and sometimes there are funds remaining after an educator has purchased their project items.  Please review our Fund-A-Classroom Donation Policies for a detailed explanation of how we handle your donations to Fund-A-Classroom.