Fund a Classroom Donation Policies: Information for Donors and Educators

The Student Excellence Foundation is committed to maximizing the use of our donors’ funds to benefit education in District 200, as compared to expenses. Our volunteer Board members spend a significant number of hours raising funds to achieve our mission. At the same time, we’ve found that not all effective fundraising is free. For example, when it comes to “crowdfunding”, funding teacher needs requires a platform that goes beyond anything we can provide as volunteers.

Therefore, we’ve implemented FoundationGive to handle our Fund-A-Classroom program. This online platform makes it easy for District 200 educators to initiate and promote their projects, while making sure they comply with District 200 policies. It also makes it easy for potential donors to find and fund the projects they care about, via the Student Excellence Foundation website. Donors using this platform, with the convenience of online credit card payments, pay a fee just as they do for other purchases. However, donors may avoid this fee by donating via check, while still being able to use FoundationGive to find projects they want to fund.

Transaction Fees for Credit Card Donations: When an educator submits a Fund-A-Classroom project on the FoundationGive platform, a credit card/transaction fee of 5.9% is added to the educator’s project budget. All donations made via credit card are subject to this fee. So, for example, if you donate $100 to a campaign using your credit card, $5.90 will cover the FoundationGive platform fees, and $94.10 will be distributed to the educator’s project.

Donations by Check: If a donor prefers to donate via check, the 5.9% credit card and transaction fees do not apply, and the entire amount of the check is distributed to the educator’s project. These “Offline Donations” will be recorded by the Student Excellence Foundation using the FoundationGive platform, upon receipt of the check. Checks should be made payable to The Student Excellence Foundation. The mailing address is:

Student Excellence Foundation
P.O. Box 253
Wheaton, IL 60187

The donor must specify:
● which project or projects the funds are intended for,
● the amount that is to go toward each project
● whether or not the donor wants to be identified on the FoundationGive platform as a donor, and
● if the donation is being made in honor of or in memory of someone.
This information may be sent with the check or emailed to:

Fully funding a project via an Offline Donation: If a donor wishes to fully fund a project or projects with an Offline Donation (via check), the 5.9% fee should be deducted from the campaign total appearing online.  Before you send a check, please contact us at to confirm the amount. We will determine the amount of the credit card/transaction fees to be deducted so that the project(s) can be fully funded, without leaving excess funds.

Partially funded projects: If a project is partially funded and doesn’t reach its funding goal by the deadline, the Student Excellence Foundation will offer the following options to the educator who initiated the project, in the following order:
1. Extend the deadline and attempt to raise more donations;
2. Purchase and implement part of the intended project materials or services; if that is not practical;
3. Purchase other items that will benefit the intended student population, or, if that is not practical;
4. Permit the accumulated funds to be re-allocated by the Student Excellence Foundation for Student Excellence Grants. However, if the amount of a donor’s contribution to a partially funded project is $100 or more, the Foundation will contact the donor to determine if they want the funds to be refunded instead of re-allocating to Student Excellence Grants.

Disposition of Excess Funds for Completed Projects: Sometimes when a project is fully funded, and the educator has purchased all of the project items or services, some funds are left over due to better pricing becoming available, or less expensive but equally suitable items being found. Sometimes, a project may receive more donations than have been requested. When this occurs, the Foundation will offer the following options to the educator:
1. Purchase additional items that will benefit the intended student population, or, if that is not practical;
2. Permit the accumulated funds to be re-allocated by the Student Excellence Foundation for Student Excellence Grants. When a project has been completed, no remaining funds will be refunded to the donor.

Contact us at if you have any questions.