2022 Scholarship Application Reviewers

The Foundation

The Student Excellence Foundation has been serving District 200 for close to 30 years, working with the community to enrich educational opportunities for students. To further that mission, the Foundation established the scholarship program to encourage students to further their education to reach their greatest potential.

Scholarship Objective

The Student Excellence Foundation awards scholarships to graduating District 200 high school seniors who will continue their education at an accredited one-to-four-year college, university, or technical school. The Foundation’s scholarship program recognizes a student’s school and community involvement, academic achievement, and financial need. 

Scholarship Selection Criteria

Student applications will be evaluated on their school and community involvement, academic achievement, and financial need. In addition, applications will be evaluated on the clear articulation of future educational goals, personal goals, and high school experiences.

Scholarship Application Reviewer Interest Form

Scholarship applications will be submitted through February 15, 2022. We will contact you to determine your availability to review applications in February and March. Please submit this Application Reviewer Interest Form by Friday, February 11.

Please note that parents of 2022 graduating seniors are not eligible to review applications, even if their student is not applying.