The 2018-2019 school year was an impactful year for educators, students, and staff of Community Unit School District 200 due to Student Excellence Foundation funding.

  • Funded student learning initiatives:
    • Collaboration spaces and green screens added to all Library Learning Centers.
    • Bits & Bytes Boxes -- robotic devices that students use to learn coding -- in  all District 200 schools. A professional development training component was provided to teachers and staff.
    • Future of Instruction and Technology (FIT) professional development training for all District 200 staff and teachers.
  • Funded the FoundationGIVE crowd-funding platform for Fund-A-Classroom, which is unique to District 200 and provides our educators a venue for obtaining funding for unique classroom projects beyond standard curriculum.
  • Collaborated with Bower Elementary School to renovate their Library Learning Center. Funds were raised in the memory of former principal Kevin Kane.
  • Hired a part-time Executive Director, so our volunteers can put more energy into raising money to extend and enrich learning opportunities for students in District 200.
  • Funded prize money for High School INCUbator programs.
  • Funded prize money for Middle School Entrepreneurship Expo.

Elementary Level Student Excellence Grants:

  • Math Night and Math & Science Night (family events)
  • Homework Club Math Games
  • Greg Tang ‘Math Missionary’ author visit, Multicultural and STEAM Day events
  • Future ReadyLearning Center
  • Standing Classroom Desks
  • Professional Mathematics Library
  • Cloud Covers for a calming learning environment
  • K-3 Guided Reading Word Study materials
  • Flexible classroom seating
  • Guided Reading Materials for Kindergarten classrooms
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Connect Conference attendance for staff
  • Genki English Curriculum

Middle School Level Student Excellence Grants:

  • Differentiated Classroom Novels-high interest, engagement boosting reading materials
  • 21st Century Environments to promote student engagement and literacy
  • Engaging Novels for classroom library

High School Level Student Excellence Grants:

  • Computational Modeling Classroom - a physics classroom for 21st Century learning
  • CPR Training Manikins
  • 21st Century Seating and Workspace

Donors make it possible for the Student Excellence Foundation to provide learning enhancement throughout the District. From Jefferson Early Childhood Center, 13 Elementary Schools, 4 Middle Schools, Wheaton North and Wheaton Warrenville South High Schools, to the post high school transition program, the program enhancements provided are integral components of the Foundation’s mission.

With the involvement and financial support of residents and the business community, your Foundation is making a difference in District 200, engaging, enriching, and empowering education every day of the year.

Thank you for supporting this mission.