Why Wheaton-Warrenville: Stories

There is something special about being a part of the Wheaton-Warrenville District 200 community. The breadth and depth of the connections in this place are unique.

Attend any event with more than just a few community members in attendance, and you will undoubtedly hear stories of grandparents that attended the same school that their grandchildren do now. You’ll hear about former students who are now teachers in the District. There are couples that met each other here in 3rd grade, and are now raising their family here. You’ll find individuals who have dedicated their entire adulthood to this District.

You’ll hear one delightful connection after another.

These are the stories that the Student Excellence Foundation is looking to share. These are some of the answers to the wonderful WHYS of living in Wheaton or Warrenville.

These are your stories and our stories and these experiences unite us. As the Foundation embarks on our 30th YEAR of supporting this District — of engaging, enriching, and empowering excellence — please share your stories with us using the form below.