Become part of a vibrant volunteer group and help enrich education in District 200! There are varying areas that we need your assistance. Please contact us with any questions at 630-474-1344 or Vicki.Sebela@StudentExcellenceFoundation.org.

Development Committee
Development encompasses telling your organization's story (marketing), building relationships (donor relations), and raising the funds to implement our programs.

  • Donor Relations Committee - In charge of researching new prospects to approach, and building relationships with current donors. They will also handle all the donor records/acknowledgement/benefits and communications (thank you / tax receipts). Organize donor appreciation events to attract new donors and strengthen relationship with current donors.
  • Fundraising & Special Events Committee - Map out and run all the fundraising activities we need to have to make budget. When will we have our corporate / individual campaigns, special events, etc. They determine how much we need to make with each event/campaign. Events/Campaigns need to be organized to ensure that we have enough money to fund program initiatives.
  • Marketing & Communications Committee - Oversee development and implementation of the Marketing Plan, including identifying potential target audiences, and how to promote/sell the programs/organization. Represents the organization to the community; enhances the organization's image, including website, social media, self published articles and press releases.

Finance Committee
Oversees development of the budget; ensures accurate tracking/monitoring/ accountability for funds; ensures adequate financial controls. In charge of record retention, risk management and check sign off procedures. Plans and supports annual financial audit.

Program & Evaluation Committee
Oversee program implementation, monitor and assess program’s impact through program evaluation. This committee reviews grants submitted by teachers during Fall and Winter cycles.  Periodically review benchmark districts and compare programs and determine if there is anything new we should implement.  This committee also facilitates the Fund-A-Classroom website.

Please contact us if you are interested in helping!