Why are Education Foundations needed?
Education foundations developed in the early 1990’s as an opportunity for community members to come together and support their schools in response to a decrease in state funding and capped local tax revenues.

The need for support from Education Foundations has grown recently, as careers and technology are ever-evolving. It is estimated that 60% of our grade schoolers will hold jobs that don’t exist yet.

As a result, in order to prepare our students for success in the competitive global workforce that awaits them. teaching methods and strategies are being redesigned to include the ‘4 C’s. 

The Foundation, with the support of the community, seeks to provide innovative resources and technology to enable our students to reach their greatest potential.

How are schools funded?
Illinois ranks 50th out of 50 in percentage of funding that comes from the state. Illinois contributes less than 20% of the money for educating public K-12 students while the national average is 45%.

Schools face budget issues that are not likely to go away and we need to find new ways to support them.

If we seize this moment and work together, today’s students will be ready to succeed in a 21st century, global society.

How does our Foundation compare to neighboring Districts?

These K-12 districts are considered comparable districts to Wheaton-Warrenville CUSD 200.

All of these students are already receiving a high quality education from their district but they also have education foundations working to provide enhanced educational opportunities for their students.

In 2016, these foundations raised almost $1.5 million to fund initiatives that otherwise would not have been supported by tax revenues.

What do PTAs and Booster Clubs provide?
Both organizations work closely with District 200 to provide additional resources to teachers and students. However, they differ in their structure and focus, and our community needs both organizations to ensure the continued success of Wheaton-Warrenville District 200 schools.

PTA / Booster Clubs
PTAs and Booster Clubs are both 501(c)(3) organizations that focus on parent involvement and raising money for resources needed at their specific school.

Education Foundation
The Student Excellence Foundation is the Education Foundation that provides support to all schools in District 200. Through community contributions, corporate donations and other fundraising activities, the foundation funds grants that support innovative teaching methods, and new pilot programs at schools or throughout the entire district.  The Foundation is similar to a Research & Development arm of a corporation.

The PTAs, Booster Clubs, and foundation share a common goal—ensuring excellence in our children’s education.

How do schools improve the community?
Education is a primary factor in increasing an individual’s standard of living. Well-educated individuals grow up to be successful citizens.

A strong school district makes our community more desirable and increases property values.

By donating towards public education, you not only help our teachers and students, your gift impacts the entire community.

What are the Foundation’s goals for the future?
This is an exciting time for the Foundation. With the help of our generous donors, $64,000 was awarded to District 200 teachers and students during the 2015-2016 school year; this is 3x more than last year!

The Foundation is working to stay competitive with area foundations. Our goal is to increase contributions to teachers and students in District 200 each year until we reach $230,000+ a year (roughly $17.76 x 12,876 students).

As we grow, we will roll out additional programs to ensure that our students have access to the same enhanced learning opportunities as the students in our neighboring districts