Initiate a Fund-A-Classroom Campaign: Resources for Educators

The Student Excellence Foundation offers the Fund-A-Classroom crowdfunding program to enhance education in classrooms and Library Learning Centers (LLCs) in District 200.

To initiate a project campaign, click on this FoundationGive logo to register:   FoundationGIVE

  • “Select your Account Type” – Teacher/Staff
  • “Find Your Foundation” – select Student Excellence Foundation from the dropdown list
  • “Find Your School” – select your school from the dropdown list.  (Note: If you don’t see your school in the dropdown list, just type in your school’s name and it will appear below – click on it to select.)
  • Provide your contact information, verify everything is correct, and click Register; please register using your school email (@cusd200) and the City where your school is located.

Once you register, we’ll verify your credentials. Then you’ll receive an email from FoundationGive inviting you to sign in. You will have 24 hours to create a password and sign in for the first time. When you sign in, you’ll automatically be taken to your “My Account” page and can begin using FoundationGive. After that, access your account from or from the Login on any page.

How Do I Initiate a Successful Fund-A-Classroom Campaign ?

Log in, then select Campaign from the top menu, then + New Campaign.  See detailed instructions here.

Once you enter a campaign, emails requesting approval are automatically sent to your principal, District administration, and the Student Excellence Foundation.  In addition to entering your campaign online, we ask that you submit a budget. We need to know what you plan to purchase, so that donors can be assured their funds are going toward the intended purposes.  Please download this budget template and email a completed copy to: FundaClassroom@StudentExcellenceFoundation.orgDon’t forget to include shipping costs, where applicable.

Once your campaign has been approved, it goes live on FoundationGive and is eligible to receive funding. Then it’s up to you to attract donors to make it a reality.  Review this Social Media Guide to help you get your campaign started in the best way, and to market it to potential donors once it’s started.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can create a campaign?  District 200 educators who work directly with students (teachers, LLC Directors, counselors, social workers, principals, etc.)

What can I ask for?  Any resource that’s needed to benefit students, not including teacher stipends/salaries, or anything covered within the normal school operating budget.

When can I initiate a proposed campaign?  Anytime! We no longer have submission deadlines for Fund-A-Classroom. Educators are encouraged to submit a campaign as needs arise during the year.

How much can I ask for?  There’s no specific amount, but most successful proposals range from $250-$1,500. The higher the price tag, the more compelling a proposal should be — you’ll need to attract more donors, or larger contributions, if your goal is higher.

How long will it take for my campaign to be funded?  Most successful Fund-A-Classroom campaigns are funded within several days to several weeks, though some see success over a longer period of time. When you submit a campaign request, you’ll be asked to establish start and end dates for your fundraising.  Your end date should consider when you need the requested resources.  The more you’re able to market your project, the more likely it will get funded.

If a campaign reaches its deadline without being fully funded, the Foundation follows the procedure detailed here.

How is starting a Fund-A-Classroom campaign different from starting a project on Donors Choose, Adopt-a-Classroom, or other crowdfunding websites?

Other crowdfunding websites rely on donors finding your project on a national website, and don’t have the endorsement of your school or District 200, and some have large fees.  You’ll also be paying sales tax. With FoundationGive, potential donors start on the Student Excellence Foundation website, and proceed to a list of campaigns in District 200. It also provides unique resources for you to promote your campaign via social media; you can enter updates to your campaign that are automatically emailed to your donors. And, you don’t pay sales tax.

Fund-A-Classroom campaigns are managed by the Student Excellence Foundation and are focused on the District 200 community.  We promote the program to potential community and corporate donors, and maintain a database of those donors to benefit future campaigns.

If you have any questions about the Fund-A-Classroom program, feel free to contact us at We’re happy to help!