Implementation of the Expanding Expression Tool (EET)

Teacher(s) - Erin Barham and Nancy Nicholson
School(s) - Longfellow Elementary
Grade(s) - Kindergarten - 5th



Goal / Objective -The Expanding Expression Tool (EET) is a multi-sensory program which can be used from preschool through high school, that helps students with defining and describing. As a mnemonic device it provides visual and tactile information which facilitates improved oral language organization. The kit is designed to follow a hierarchical approach taking student’s expression from words to paragraphs to written reports. The Expanding Expression Tool is color symbol coded.  The students learn this code and from this code are able to provide detailed descriptions including the following elements: the category the item belongs to, the function of the object, the physical appearance, what the item is made of, parts of the item and its location.

Impact - Currently we have 6 students who participated in groups using this program.   All of the students made growth between pretest and posttest.  The usage of using the “group” component of the EET program when describing nouns, increased from 1 out of 6  with 2 out of 10 times accuracy to 5 out of 6 with 6 out of 10 times accuracy, using the “group” component.

This program/ project allowed an avenue for our students whose vocabulary skills are below average compared to same age peers to increase their vocabulary.  This program allowed them to participate more within their small groups with confidence.  The program also provided the systematic structure these students needed to describe a variety of common, and unusual, items both verbally and through written language.

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