iPads for Math Differentiation

Teacher(s) - Megan Bostrom
School(s) - Whittier Elementary
Grade(s) - 1st Grade


Goal / Objective - Our classroom will use iPad minis to differentiate students’ conceptual math levels and stages during leveled grouping during one session of our daily Math Workshop.

Impact - We conducted Math Workshop nearly every day of our year. Except for TV Turn-Off week, we used the iPads every single day. With the use of DreamBox and other math applications, students were able to work at their own level during their Math Technology session of Math Workshop.

So far, the 25 students in our class were directly affected by the iPads in our room. Next year as a math coach/interventionist at both Whittier and Longfellow, I’ll be able to use the iPads with many different classes and many different needs.

Every student made progress in math because of the programs and apps we were able to run on the iPads. Many times especially our needier learners have a hard time being independent when they aren’t working with me; DreamBox and other math apps not only kept them engaged, but also at their exact conceptual level. Advanced students were able to move to the second and third grade level with an unending ceiling to their learning, Many times I introduced a concept that many students had already covered in their Math Technology sessions, thereby further cementing concepts learned.

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