Elementary Students Gain Hands-On Robotics Experience

The role of the library in the student learning experience has changed. Today's Library Learning Centers (LLCs) are an active, engaging learning environment where students can work together to collaborate on projects.

Thanks to our donors, several grants have been awarded to district libraries that allow them to begin transforming their spaces—a priority of the District. Ozobots are now helping students at Madison Elementary learn about robotics, programming, and math in a collaborative environment.

What is an Ozobot?
It is a miniature smart robot that can follow lines or roam around freely, detect colors, and can also be programmed using code technology. An Ozobot classroom set has 18 robots plus accessories, so students can work simultaneously. 

What do students learn from using Ozobots?
Students learn about robotics and programming while working on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) applications. Using Ozobots, students learn about probability and statistics, measuring, and variables.

Instead of flipping a coin to learn about probability, students used the Ozobot robot to measure data. Then, the fifth graders introduced their first-grade buddy class to the basics of programming using paper and markers to create visual color codes that tell the Ozobot to move in various ways. 

See students at work with their Ozobots in this video.

The Ozobot project has changed the classroom and LLC experience because student learning is self-directed through the challenges. Students are highly motivated to complete the tasks in a collaborative manner, and are eager to share their new discoveries using the Ozobots.

First grade teacher Katie Clum says, “This Ozobot activity allowed students the opportunity to collaborate with one another in order to code, learn, and create! They loved this learning experience!”