Problem Solving at the Early Childhood Level

Teacher(s) - Mary Iffert
School(s) - Jefferson ECC
Grade(s) - Early Childhood Level


problem solving at early childhood level

Goal / Objective - The project enables children to share on iPad and one OSMO, working together to solve tangram puzzles, math puzzles, word spellings, beginning, ending, medial sounds, word recognition, fine and visual motor skills through drawing and to problem solve visually and tactilely through downloaded apps on the iPad. STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) both are addressed through playing ever increasing levels of difficulty on OSMO. Because these apps do not require a touch screen, but rather pencil, paper and other manipulatives, these games promote interactive social skills while still being available for one child to practice individual skills.

Impact - All students at Jefferson (280-325) will benefit from this project.

OSMO could also be considered a model or pilot program for all of the elementary buildings. Because it is designed to promote the interaction and cooperation between children, it is ideally suited to work on social sciences, math, reading, writing, problem solving and abstract reasoning while also working on personal interaction skills and cooperation. It is designed to work on an iPad while the children work on items on the table top with manipulatives and paper and pencil. OSMO takes learning with technology to another level as it enhances interactive group learning while allowing students to work together in error less learning.


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