Student Excellence Grants

The Foundation offers Student Excellence Grants to District 200 educators for innovative projects that will enhance the quality of education provided to students. Grants typically range between $500 and $1500.  

Who can submit a Student Excellence Grant request?

Any District 200 educator is eligible to apply for funding through this program. The educator’s principal and District 200 administration review all applications to ensure consistency with District policy and to confirm that the project falls outside of the normal operating budget. To apply for a Student Excellence Grant, please visit our application page.

What kinds of projects are Student Excellence Grants intended to support?

  • Innovative teaching methods or opportunities for teachers to collaborate across content areas
  • New programs or approaches to solving problems faced by students and/or educators
  • Initiatives that will benefit at-risk students

Student Excellence Grants have been used to support these kinds of projects by funding classroom technology and equipment, books, materials, and professional development.

Is there anything the Student Excellence Foundation will not fund?

  • Teacher stipends or salaries
  • Supplies, except for unique supplies necessary to support a specific educational initiative
  • Expenses that are within normal school operating budgets
  • Textbooks, except for small quantities for innovative/pilot programs

We work closely with the District to ensure that our support is effectively targeted to advance learning and match District and school goals. All technology requests will be reviewed by the District. Requests for equipment that cannot be supported by the district or does not demonstrate enrichment opportunities that fit grant criteria will not be considered.