Celebrate Our Stars 2023

Thanks for helping us recognize our six Distinguished Educators, our Golden Star Awardee, our Stars of the Week, and our Student Excellence Scholarship recipients.

Look for nominations in January 2024 and Celebrate Our Stars in May 2024.

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2023 Distinguished Educators:

Amanda Dudgeon (Emerson Elementary School)
Katie Gonzalez (Wiesbrook Elementary School)
Donna Skibbe (Monroe Middle School)
Blake Jancius (Hubble Middle School)
Jessica Lim (WNHS)
Katie Valentino (WWSHS)

2023 Golden Star:

Aaron Bacon

2023 All-Star Volunteer:

Bob Hupp

2023 Student Excellence Scholarship Recipients:

Wheaton North
Molly Claus
Su Pan Nuam
Molly Coleman Robben
Hudson Romaine

Wheaton Warrenville South
Maya Bose
Payton Fleming
Mallorie Pfaucht
Kelsey Woods

2023 Stars of the Week:

Bill Archer and Kate Schleyer (Bower Elementary School)
Patrick Murphy and Kori Wentzloff (Edison Middle School)
Christy Kania and Megan Schurman (Emerson Elementary School)
Sarah Leemans and Julie Lovelace (Franklin Middle School)
Briana Gonzalez and Ashley Young (Hawthorne Elementary School)
Maddie Rouse (Hubble Middle School)
Maria Eppes and Dr. Elizabeth Taylor (Jefferson Early Childhood Center)
Mary Kathryn Back and Jennifer Chromy (Johnson Elementary School)
Stacey Carney and Lexi Houseward (Lincoln Elementary School)
Susan Goonan and Kristin Youngblood (Longfellow Elementary School)
Renee Kuta and Mary Ann Smith (Lowell Elementary School)
Erin Gatlin and Rebecca Roell (Madison Elementary School)
Mark Gordon and Kelly Klenck (Monroe Middle School)
Katie Morgan and Susan Secor (Pleasant Hill Elementary School)
Trish Boone and Annie Bush (Sandburg Elementary School)
Lorie O’Connell and Teresa Stemen (Transition Center)
Tamara Bauer and Rachel Spain (Washington Elementary School)
Angela Pigoni and Erika Stacy (Wheaton North High School)
Bobby Munro and Brenda Roach (Wheaton Warrenville South High School)
Peggy Dzugan and Christine Vance (Whittier Elementary School)
Avery Bach and Angela Larson (Wiesbrook Elementary School)

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