Fund A Classroom:  Support a Project Campaign of Your Choice!

Fund A Classroom is a crowdfunding option, where educators post their project campaigns online at our FoundationGive platform.  You can search online by teacher, school, or subject area.  Donate a modest amount, fund the entire project, or anything in between.  You can also support more than one project.

Two Options to Donate:

Online:  Find/Search Fund a Classroom campaigns on FoundationGive.  Find the campaign(s) you want to support, then click on “Donate” to pay by credit card.  Online donations are convenient, though FoundationGive assesses a fee; 5.9% of your donation goes to credit card and transaction fees.

For more detailed information, please review our Fund A Classroom Donation Policies.

By check: Go to FoundationGive.  Find the campaign(s) you want to support, but instead of proceeding to “Donate” online, make a note of the campaign(s) and how much you want to give to each.  Then mail a check, with a written list of the project(s) and amounts, to:

Student Excellence Foundation
P.O. Box 253
Wheaton, IL 60187

FoundationGive does not charge any fees for these “Offline Donations”.  If you want to write a check to complete a campaign's funding, please email us at BEFORE you send a check.  We'll calculate the amount to be funded to complete the project (minus the 5.9% fee) and will notify you of that amount.

Sometimes projects are only partially funded, and sometimes there are funds remaining after an educator has purchased their project items.  Please review our Fund A Classroom Donation Policies for a detailed explanation of how we handle your donations to Fund A Classroom.

View/Search Fund A Classroom Project Campaigns here.