The Student Excellence Foundation is hosting our largest fundraiser, the 4th Annual Swing Fore Student Excellence on Saturday, February 29, 2020 at TopGolf in Naperville. The fun-filled evening is attended by 250 adults and includes appetizers, dessert, online auction, raffles and golf from climate- controlled hitting bays.

Each year at this event, one Wheaton-Warrenville District 200 Student Learning Initiative is selected to be the beneficiary of the proceeds raised. This year, we are excited to announce the learning initiative, which will bring virtual and augmented reality anatomy and biology labs to both Wheaton North and Wheaton Warrenville South High School via zSpace.  These all-in-one laptop units — featuring 3D technology, head tracking glasses, and styli — will allow high school Anatomy and Biology students to experience content in an immersive environment.

Remember the smell of formaldehyde and the angst of slicing open the fetal pig’s heart which you thought was the kidney? With zSpace, students and teachers will be able to lift digital holographic objects right from the on-screen skeleton to manipulate, examine, and learn about them in three dimensional detail – no irreversible mistakes and no smell!

By supporting the Student Excellence Foundation as the research and development arm of District 200, you will bring innovative zSpace technology to students. The same technology that is being used in universities and medical facilities around the world will be brought to District 200!

What is it?

zSpace provides an all-in-one laptop featuring 3D technology, head tracking glasses, and styli that allow students to interact with AR/VR content in an immersive environment. zSpace experiences include simulations that are experiential in nature. For example, With zSpace, students and teachers can “lift” digital objects — such as a human skeleton — from the screen and manipulate them in three dimensions and examine them in detail.


ZSpace allows for a new pathway for learning in STEM education.  Students can grasp content in a whole new way. Students can interact directly with content by extracting virtual objects from a display, viewing them up close and in detail, and manipulating them using a stylus pen.   Content comes to life with the zSpace system.

For more information, contact the Foundation’s Executive Director at or 630-474-1344.