The Student Excellence Foundation is creating opportunities for success.

For over 30 years, the Student Excellence Foundation has partnered with Community Unit School District 200, to support and enhance the work of educators. Our mission is to engage the community to enrich educational experiences that empower students to reach their greatest potential.

The teachers in our public schools in Wheaton-Warrenville District 200 (Illinois) are dedicated to providing rich educational experiences for their students. Teachers, staff, students, and their families, can benefit from additional classroom resources. That is where the non-profit Student Excellence Foundation plays a vital role in providing resources and support for teachers and staff.

We put our mission into action through:

  • classroom grants for educators.
  • mobile food pantries and weekend food backpacks that feed those in our community who are experiencing food insecurity.
  • a crowd-funding platform that offers opportunities for teachers, LLC Directors, school staff, and principals to fund special projects and unique enrichment opportunities.
  • scholarships for students headed to college or technical school.

Join us in our journey of excellence.

The Student Excellence Foundation …

Engages the community

Enrich educational experiences that…

Empower students to reach their greatest potential.

For more than three decades, District 200 parents and community members have supported our schools through the Student Excellence Foundation. We proudly partner with educators and parents to enrich educational experiences.

“The Student Excellence Foundation really gives us dreamers the hope and resources that we need to keep pushing forward.”

—A District 200 educator

We provide resources and programs that expand those provided by the District:

Removing Barriers
to Learning

Essential Needs Program

  • Mobile Food Pantries
  • Weekend Food Backpacks
  • Inclement Weather Clothing
  • Learning Enrichment Needs

Enriching Educational Experiences

Student Excellence Grants

Fund-A-Classroom Crowdfunding

Business INCubator

Will you join us?

We are neighbors. We are classmates. We are friends.