Fund-A-Classroom Campaigns

Fund-A-Classroom is the online crowdfunding platform for District 200. Educators initiate campaigns to enhance education in their classrooms and Library Learning Centers (LLCs).

Donors direct their contributions to specific campaigns; educators initiating those campaigns are responsible for attracting donations.  Fund-A-Classroom is distinct from our Student Excellence Grants, which are funded from general donations to the Foundation.

Proposed campaigns are reviewed by the school principal and a District administrator, as well as the Foundation, to ensure compliance with school, District, and Foundation policies. 

Once a campaign is approved, it’s posted to a page on Kaleidoscope, an online platform that can securely receive donations.  There, you can search online by the teacher, school, or subject area.  Donate a modest amount, fund the entire project or anything in between.  You can also support more than one project.

Donations to Fund-A-Classroom have funded 125 campaigns since fall of 2016, totaling $75,000. Here are a few examples:

  • (Grades 6-8 Special Education) Coding in the Instructional Classes: Benefits “students with moderate to significant special needs … [with] lessons and activities that use hands-on materials, have clear, concrete directions, incorporate visuals and provide corrective feedback.”
  • (Grades 9-12) Life-Saving AED Trainers: “Allow our students to practice fast and accurate defibrillation in a safe training environment … with real-world AED simulations …so our students can successfully administer an AED in an emergency.”
  • (Grades 6-8) New iPads for Student Use in Special Education Classroom: “students in this setting work on functional academics, independent functioning skills, social skills, vocational skills, and communication skills. Students use Ipads for… Interactive academic supported games…parent communication…other uses such as read-to apps for students who have difficulty decoding, increases independence”
  • (Grades K-5) Summer Books for At-Risk Students: “…losing educational gains over the summer is a real challenge for many of our students. For low-income students, this falling behind up to two months…can be cumulative… I am asking [for] books for our at-risk EL and reading intervention students to provide them with 5-10 books each that they could take home for the summer to keep and read.” 
  • (2nd Grade) Get Families Engaged with Math Games at Home: “I want to support my students at home by providing engaging math games they can borrow and play with their families. Games are great because they don’t involve technology, and students can practice social skills while playing! Kids love trying (and teaching their families) new games!”
How we Manage Fund-A-Classroom Donations:

Sometimes campaigns are only partially funded, and sometimes funds remain after an educator has purchased their project items. Please review our Fund-A-Classroom Donation Policies for more information.